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Welcome to Mystery Talk!

A podcast about multiple topics

Jean Ginner is your host.  Jean continues to grow her knowledge by researching, asking questions and meeting new people.  She has had some unique jobs, been a huge networker, and has volunteered for many groups and organizations.  She meets people wherever she goes and also makes it a point to find humor in just about everything.

Jean continues to learn and has chosen these topics of information through this podcast.  An interview with an award winning author, how kidney donation works today, and simple things you didn't know about recycling just for starters.  Paranormal and crime scene topics will be discussed. Check out these short informative podcasts that will hopefully make you say, I didn't know that!  

At Mystery Talk, we're passionate about creating a platform that allows you to listen to fabulous podcasts, and it's all thanks to the support and feedback from listeners like you! Keep up to date with new releases and what's coming soon on our website. Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback on our social media handles. Sharing is a good thing!  If you need more information, you can simply type your questions into our contact form and we'll get back to you. Keep up to date with everything Mystery Talk which are topics we think are cool!


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